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I feel like my own life doesn’t pass the Bechdel test. If many movies have women talking about men, maybe that’s because it’s really common. I kid you not, every woman currently around me only wants to talk about their potential upcoming romantic encounters — boys they’ve been seeing, or their “feelings” towards a certain guy.

Is there something wrong with me for not giving the slightest of fucks?

@calicozombie said: I haven’t seen a post from you in forever on my dash Jess! How you doing?

I rarely use tumblr, anymore. It’s very sad, but just the way it is. I’m doing well, thanks! Hope you are as well.

i am.

folded into the edges of your skin
swept away in your arms
sleeping in your neck
living on your lips

Let today be propelled by your past, not smothered by it.

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I don’t care what you say. I will never get on board the nylon bag train.

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"We must always keep unfolding as a person", he told me.